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AUDEN PUBLIC SCHOOL was established by Sri N. Ramanna. He started his career as a teacher. As he had a strong desire to open his own school, inspired by the work of the great poet W.H. Auden, he started AUDEN INSTITUTE 0F EDUCATION at a primary level. It was followed by Auden High School and then in the year 1994 germinated the AUDEN PUBLIC SCHOOL. He believes in the saying ''where there is a will, there is a way''.

AIE - The symbol stands for AUDEN INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION. The book represents an ocean of knowledge. The flower represents the happiness gained from knowledge which leads to value oriented living and blossoming of life, which means even for the master, knowledge is the prime ingredient. Hence, knowledge is the supreme authority in this world. Knowledge is power..

Our Activities

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Quiz Activities

Young minds are always eager to explore the wide world around. 

Dance Club

Dance a type of art,though there are people of different tastes the art of Dance appeals to all ...

Bus Services

Reliable fleet to ferry students safely from their pick points to school and back.

Music CLUB

Music  gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything. 


To break the monotony of life and provide students with experience with experiences outside their everyday activites.


Yardstick offers outstanding, highly interactive, hands on curriculum that enables mastery of core concepts and skills for the young minds.


Auden Kidz is a premier early learning kindergarten school that offers world class experience in childhood learning for children upto 5 years. Every detail of a child is kept in mind and the curriculum has been meticulously planned from the selection of toys to academics. It is child-centered which focuses on play, culture and roots of structured learning..

It is a blend of distinctly tailored Montessori and kindergarten traditional methods. The activities are planned in such a way that enhances the listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

  • People may get a school having better infrastructure or regard to any other matter, but I bet, they can't get a better schooling experience with all wonderful, loving and caring teachers. I am proud to be an AUDENITE.

    Sankarshana Rao
  • We know teachers like you are not easy to find. "Every word you say, every class you take, every paper you grade – goes on to change lives".

    Archana Sreedhar
  • An apple a day may keep the doctor away. But what should I eat to make awesome teachers like you always come my way? Thank you for making me for what I am today.

    Sanjana Sreedhar
  • The school is more like a family community than a big school where there would be just numbers. Overall a very good school to study at and I am proud to be an Audenite.

    Shivam Bansal
  • We are happy to have found Auden Public School, to educate our children. A great school, right in our neighbourhood, nurtured by Sri. Ramanna, Smt. Padma and ofcourse our beloved, ever-smiling Smt Meena.

    Aparna Yogesh
  • The teachers are experienced and knowledgeable as well as very interactive and friendly. All the teachers are amazing guides and mentors. I'll always be proud to be an Audenite.

    Sanjana S. Bharadwaj